1. What is the difference between bespoke and made to measure?





Detailed measurements are taken

Basic measurements are taken


Pattern is created exclusively for you from your measurements

You will try on garments from a pre-set stencil


We recommend upto 3 fittings

Fittings are done with the try on garments and alterations are noted


Endless possibilities on design, colours and styling

Standard Options are possible. Although limited but many options possible.



Machines are used


We need about 20-25 days 

We need about 10 days


Floating canvas jackets

Fused jackets

  1. Do you do home visits?

Yes we do. We recommend visiting us for the first time. Once your first garment is done and you find satisfaction, home team can always bring you more options to a place of your convenience on request. We use various tools for measurements and fittings so we prefer these happen at our studio. However we are happy to make exceptions. 

  1. Do I need to make an appointment?

We work largely by appointments. With a prior appointment, you get undivided attention from our friendly team. You can book an appointment with Vishal as well. Our appointments can be booked between our business hours 11am-7 pm. Any appointments requested outside the business hours are with a charge of 3000 INR, which is settled against your purchases.  


  1. How long does an appointment take?

Ideally most appointments are scheduled for one hour. We do keep some buffer in case you are late due to traffic or any other such situations. We appreciate if you can keep us informed. 

  1. Do we visit outside Mumbai? 

Yes, we do. Please call us to know more. 

  1. Where do you make your suits?

All constructions are made in our own factory in Mumbai. 

  1. Why did my suit arrive with pockets stitched?

We do this in order to preserve the integrity of the suit. You can cut them open carefully before use. 

  1. Why am I asked to provide personal information? 

This is in order for us to maintain your essentials with us. Once you are on our systems, and a suit is made for you, you wouldn’t have to go through the whole process again. We need to know you, your preferences, your taste, and your individual style. The information we ask for tells us a lot of things about your lifestyle. For eg: If you travel a lot, you probably eat out a lot which might result in weight fluctuation. We will need to know that so we maintain some allowances on your suits for alterations in future. 


  1. What is your working hours

10AM to 7:00 PM IST

  1. Do you accept our fabrics

Yes, we do accept your fabrics if in a good condition. You can find our price lists here

  1. Do you need payments in advance?

We usually take full payment in advance before starting work. We prefer to have the billing out of the way. We need to do this because sometimes as noted our clients are not readily available for trials and fittings which prolongs our delivery process, hence prolonging our balance payments. We like to keep things simple.

  1. What if we want to cancel our order? 

Cancellations are accepted within the first 24 hours or if the fabric is not processed. Thereafter we do not accept cancellations. Cancellations are not accepted for urgent orders.


  1. What modes of payments do you accept?

We accept cash (if the billing is not large), credit cards like VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Diners Club, online transfers. You can call us for more details. 

  1. What are the delivery timelines?

Usually deliveries can be done between 5 to 20 working days depending on the garment chosen. During peak periods, it can take between 15-40 days. You can opt for an urgent request to prioritise your work at a nominal fee.

  1. Do you also do alterations?

We are very open to show you how your existing clothes can be a better fit. So yes we do take alterations at a nominal cost. We do want you to know that this is at your own risk when your original garments maker is different. For clothes we have made for you, simple alterations can be done without any charge, but drastic changes will come at a cost. First time alteration has no charge whatsoever. 

  1. Can you make things by referring to a picture?

Having a picture reference is really a good idea for us to understand what you are looking for, but we do not copy anything, we will propose options, sketches and ideas on the same lines. 

  1. Do you make clothes only for men?

We do make some basic clothing like shirts, bespoke jeans and accessories like shoes and ties for women. We will soon be launching a corporate wear couture for women. 

  1. If I have a favourite suit, can you replicate the fitting? 

Copy paste is like a Chinese whisper. You will always lose some of the essence in your clothing. We recommend you make a jacket from fresh but trousers, shirt or jeans can be replicated to the nearest millimeter. 


  1. I already have my measurements. Can you work with that?

Just like there is a difference in each hand writing, measurements from someone else might not compliment our method of interpretations. To keep things simple, just come over. 

  1. My queries are not listed above?

In that case, please call us or write to us. Please find us in the contact us section