About Us

Fashion evolves and change is the only constant that defines it. Style on the other hand, is eternal. The world of men’s fashion over the years, has seen a rapid growth. Men are more conscious about their look and style today than ever before. Sartorial choices that bring out individuality and personal style breaking the trend fiefdom are finding preference in the closets.

Staying true to personal styling  after honing decades of experience in fashion industry, Vishal Mawandia launched Zedgo.  Noticing how Indian men had limited fashion choices and western counterparts on the other hand were always dressed to the nines. To change this course, Zegdo was born to delimit fashion choices for men with bespoke head to toe styling solutions.

Dressing well is directly proportionate to understanding and attuning style choices to personal architecture and lifestyle. Men are catapulted to the funnel of black, blue and grey’s. There is an outburst of colours that have gone unnoticed. With attention to detail such as proportion, colour, pattern, occasion, at Zegdo, we strive to provide you with custom-made merchandise that are a result of in-depth styling thought, with guidance  aimed to enhance your overall aesthetic.  ZEGDO allows men to open their minds to new experiences, ideas and to have fun and be comfortable in their own ‘second’ skin.