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Wear your attitude

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No Stones unturned. We first want to know what you desire, then a fully hand crafted suit emerges.

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Fashion vs Style

Fashion is what happens outside in the world. Style is YOU, what you are and you are unique.

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Vishal was extremely detailed and upfront. Good to take my feedback on my personal style do’s and don’ts. His Suit fits me like a glove. I’ve tried many Studios before him unsuccessfully. Thanks Zegdo

Gautam Patel

Vishal Mawandia, who is the Founder of Zegdo, is a man of style and he makes sure his clients are just as stylish, although it's hard to surpass him. Vishal takes time and care in suggesting what looks good, gives one confidence in venturing out of the box, and given how knowledgeable he is, he makes his clients feel safe. I get all my professional wear from Zegdo, I am very picky and more than the clothes, I love talking to Vishal about men's fashion and new styles and learning from him. Please go and visit him if you haven't done so already.

Sourabh Chattopadhyay

Classic...vishal has an eye for detailing. An essential part of all our wardrobes !

Radhika Jain

Vishal has brought Savile Row to India. Extreme eye for detail and quality. He continues to cooperate with colleagues from around the world which keeps his styling modern and inventive. Once you find your suitmaker you never change.

Raoul Bajaj

Extremely detailed and customised, great quality in overall work product. Vishal does an exceptional job!

Oliver D'souza